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About Falcato

Lisbon based self-taught artist, Falcato loves music, movies, art and all the fine things in life.
He also loves sharing his creations with the world. Here is an example of a character which is part of The Wolf's Den poster, that you can find in the poster section of this here Boutique of Fine Arts:

His work is scattered around the interwebs, his videos on Youtube or on TwitchTV (where he also sometimes livestreams his Starfighter Assault battles) and in depth exclusive content on his Patreon page. Fluent in several languages, he does most of his posting on social media outlets in Portuguese, his native language, mostl because he's lazy, but also because his followers are Portuguese speakers. 

Some say he has got a very acid and witty sense of humor.

He lives exclusively of the images he creates, wether he's making them for commissions or for himself.